I was going back and forth on my title for this blog. It first started as a Labor of Love…but then that reminded me too much of a Lovelace commercial even though my creative process is a lot like labor, I just wasn’t feeling it. Then I attended an eighties night with my friends Denise and Lee, and for some reason Control by Janet Jackson popped into my mind and it kind of stuck.

Got my own mind
I want to make my own decisions
When it has to do with my life, my life
I wanna be the one in control

Control, Janet Jackson

Last week was rough, knowing I only had two weeks until London Fashion week, I started to feel completely overwhelmed. I was going to a new city in a new country across the ocean, solo. I started over-analyzing everything. Where was the location I was showing? Where would I stay? How much, realistically, is everything going to cost? Being so close to Paris, could I fit in a day trip?

Then I started to stress…why am I stressed?

  • I reserved a room with a shared bathroom because I could stay near the airport for a price that fit my budget but would have to travel an hour to get the show’s location.
  • I decided after a few glasses of wine that what the hell go to Paris. The next morning, I remembered I don’t speak the language and I like my hair…I don’t want cigarettes flicked into it.
  • I STILL don’t have models for my show. Am I going to stand on street corner with a sign that says, “I need models” or pay the $100 per model fee with the production company?
  • Why do the English drive on the opposite side of the street? I need to look to my right first and mind the gap.
  • Where do I go for proper English tea?
  • Because my name is Dara Sophia Romero and if I don’t have perceived control, I stress.

…and a million other reasons but I realized you all won’t read more than a 1300-word count blog, so I won’t bore you with the extra details.

I closed my laptop and I started with yoga but that didn’t clear my thoughts, so I decided to go for a run and the most incredible rush of energy hit me:

Feeling a little overwhelmed today and knew that yoga wouldn’t be enough, so I decided to go for a run. I headed out on my normal taking-my-life-into-my-own-hands path through my grandma’s neighborhood. I decided I would stop by and see if she was home because I just needed some calming and encouraging energy in that moment. I almost cried when I gently walked up, trying not to spook her. She was watering her flowers like she was expecting me. She gave me a kiss and we chatted for a bit. I hadn’t seen her for weeks, if not a month. We went to her backyard and I admired her lovely garden. It was the zen I needed. 

As I left, we embraced, and she said to stop by soon. I looked at my phone and 11:11am appeared. I put my ear bud back in my ear and “Loose Yourself” by Eminen shuffled to play. 

If you had
One shot or
One opportunity 
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it
Or just let it slip

Loose Yourself, Eminem

Then I told myself to get to work.

Control–okay I hear it!

It was an incredible change. I know I don’t have control and part of the fun is going with the flow. I got back to my casita and I had an idea. You have no idea how many wedding dresses I have been given and there was one in particular given to me by my friend, Kristen, that I had already taken the embellishments off of, but as I looked at I saw three different looks I could create from it.

AND BAM, there we what I was lacking in my creativity. I saw off-white, khaki, purple and gold in this seasons color scheme. I saw jump suits, long flowy dresses and open backs in my garments. I will have 13 looks and if you read this blog, you read about VL13…but for me it’s not gang related. It’s my Valley Love and that magical number 13 for me.

I reached out to my only friend that I know speaks fluent French and asked for his help on some key phrases.

I hope you will follow along on my Ms Adventures. I will be traveling back to NYC for the weekend and on to London proper, and this crazy kid will be in Paris if only for the day. If there are any places I should see, eat at or shop, PLEASE SHARE THEM!!!

There are so many of you I want to thank for believing in me and supporting me on this journey and all the others that have led me here, but for this particular one, I would be remiss not to call a few out!

Du fond du coeur, merci!

The Society Fashion Week for inviting me to show in London. I was contemplating it last summer, but it wasn’t the right time and you made it a reality for me. Thanks Brady and Krissy.

Jamie and John, and Cathy – your gifts helped me with my airfare. I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO LONDON WITHOUT YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT.

Lucas—thank you for letting me crash on your sofa…I am a NYC addict and this leg will help me get my NYFW fix and inspiration before London.

Thank you Gram and Auntie Lisa because of your birthday gifts I FINALLY got my passport and am excited to get multiple stamps in it.

Erica, Lori, Cynthia and Bob, Amanda S, Amanda B, Krisztina, Glenna, Lisa, Dale and Lynella for supporting my “Fear Less.” campaign which underwrote the costs associated with showing in London (I would love to see you in your “Fear Less.” tees).

Katie, for the start of my London trip with the Oyster Card, pound and all the fab advice on what to do.

Freddy, for the key phrases that will hopefully keep the cigarettes out of my hair (obvi I’m a little stressed by this).

Sofi, who sadly can’t join me on the runway, but who has given her time to serve as my fit model.

Kristen, for donating your dress that kicked my creativity in gear.

My loves who inspire me on the daily. I love the young adults you have become and remind me that “I fully believe one of the greatest gifts I can give my children is the example of a mother that pursues her passions like a mother fucker.” – Cheryl Strayed

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6 (thanks Ang)

All of you who have sent me prayers, good energy and love on this embarking. You have no idea how much hearing from you means—seriously!!

My angels who constantly remind me that miracles happen every day, remind me not to stress so much and to enjoy the process. You once again made miracles happen today.

With light and love (and a little less cray cray),

Dara Sophia

P.S. Excuse my French but I’m in France (I’m just sayin’) — ball so hard — I’m definitely in my zone….two points if you can guess the song.

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  1. So excited for your Euro adventure! Do you have a place to stay in Paris? I may have a lead for you if not.


    1. Hi Steph, it’s just a day trip. I fly in that morning and back out that evening. Thank you!

  2. Aw… I loooove this!! All of it!! I’m so inspired by you, thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Gods blessings and care on you as you live your best life. Enjoy looking for all the miracles unfolding around you. ❤️??

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