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Our Approach

Our Approach

With an emphasis on the psychological and communicative values behind fashion, the design approach focuses on the impact of the individual on scene and on society. Every customer should feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. The sustainability model behind the brand includes upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly practices, we want to grow the brand into a social enterprise that can build on the core value of self-sustainability and empowerment. We also understand that our customers want to give back, so 10% of sales benefit the charity of their choice. For more information on the charities supported, visit our Cause Page.

Our Story

Our Story

Dara Sophia Romero is the designer behind the line. She fell in love with fashion at an early age and learned to sew out of necessity. Because of life circumstances, she didn't follow a path of fashion design initially. Instead, she obtained a degree in Psychology found a wonderful career in corporate Human Resources. Just as life happens, that role ended and she took the plunge into retail. It was a great learning environment, and what she found is she loved working directly with the customer and designing the right look through style consultation and bespoke design. Becoming a fashion designer at the age of 40 might be a Hopeless Cause, but she found that she loved empowering others by the way the communicate though their clothing and accessories choices. Always community-minded, she wanted to build a brand that gave back and gives the customer the choice on what organization to impact.

Meet the Designer

A non-traditional designer, with an emphasis on impact to meet your wardrobe needs. Here's your girl!

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Dara Sophia Romero

Designer & Founder

"I fully believe one of the greatest gifts I can give my children is the example of a mother that pursues her passions like a mother fucker." Cheryl Strayed. I LOVE this quote and it plays well with my philosophy, "La vita e un dono (life is a gift). Open it. Be passionate and driven to live your best life".


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