Thank YOU, Next

One of my favorite places to write is the Commons at the Hudson Hotel, NYC (now under the premise of an Unami Burger–I still hide out in the corner so I can people watch). I put in my earbuds and depending upon my mood it may be Frank Sinatra, Pearl Jam, Sia, Gypsy Kings, Zayn or Public Enemy. I am always inspired in this spot…can you see it?

As 2018 comes to an end, I am reminded of the Ariana Grande song with the same title. She sings about love in her version (and a little shade). My version is with an immense amount of gratitude. I write about the last year and how the lessons are leading my aspirations and intentions for the next year.

Thank you silence, you helped me find my voice

Thank you New York, you ALWAYS provide incredible opportunity and opened the path for London 2019

Thank you strangers, who became friends

Thank you Wally World, as much as I loathe your employment practices, you came through

Thank you wanderlust, you push me to travel

Thank you grief and loss, you reminded that it isn’t a feeling that should be avoided because it reminds you to live life daily in joy and to cherish people and experiences, not things

Thank you rejection, I realize now that wasn’t my path and found greater opportunity

Thank you love, it is everywhere, but it starts within

Thank you Denver, getting lost is the best way to find myself

Thank you gut, I will never second guess you

Thank you angels, you always guide me

Thank you uncertainty, I focused on abundance

Thank you moments of sharing a laugh, a smile, a conversation and most definitely a hug, these are the moments life are made up

Thank you birthday confessions, I’m looking forward to what the new year brings

Thank you, YOU, you know who you are, you help me smile brighter, find joy and support my endeavors (psst…if you’ve ever collaborated, patronized H+CA, were a cheerleader or made me smile…then this is for you)

Here’s the slower version so you can see your beautiful faces and smile as I have. Thank you!

I am looking forward to a year of adventure, stretching my creative limits, passport stamps and big L-O-V-E. I hope you will join me.
Thank YOU, 2018… Next

With light and love,
Dara Sophia 

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