The Trickster

April 2, 2017 blog, brand

I woke to what I thought was the sound of screams. My eyes popped open and my heart was racing. I didn’t know where I was initially. The screaming started again and I realized it was the howling from coyotes. I immediately thought, “Where are my pups?” As I woke, I realized I was in my bed and they were safely in their beds. I took a deep breath and listened more to their midnight melody. While I’ve said howRead More

For Real

March 5, 2017 blog, brand

“You’ll never teach Albuquerque that you have to wait for a fashion show.” Hopefully, this blog will lighten your mood. It’s the next chapter in my Ms. Adventures. Everyone that knows me, knows I love a good party. I don’t like large parties. I like intimate parties where I get to spend time with loved ones, while meeting their guests, and I also have the opportunity to create the unexpected. I think that’s why I truly love designing fashion events. ButRead More


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