Fashion as a Voice

February 23, 2017 Uncategorized

When I was a child, I carried a security blanket with me for a number of years (I’m definitely not sharing the number because I know it was way too long). It was a soft white blanket with the image of a purple bear on it. I remember how it comforted me and how I took it everywhere. When I’d play pretend, it would become my superwoman cape, my queen robe or my luxurious stole. When I was scared, I’d wrap it around me and rub it against my face to calm me. My mom would fight me for it so she could wash it. She would constantly repair it until there was nothing left to repair and had shrunk to the size that I could only use it for my Barbie dolls.

I was sewing today and that memory came back to me. I think I was reminded of it because of the patchwork I’ve seen come through this season’s looks. The incorporation of the new and old, soft fabrics against structure, dark and light. While the inspiration is Once Upon a Dress, and as I mentioned before, it isn’t just about the garments we wear, but how they carry us. It is also how we use “dress” to communicate to others. Returning from New York Fashion Week. I was reminded how fashion can become a platform for your voice even when you might not be audibly vocal. I remember reading in history books about children in the ‘60’s that would wear black arm bands in a form of protest (which has continued ever since) or this season, wearing white bandanas as a form of solidarity. During times of war many units took on fight calls or mascots. Learning about my grandfather’s leadership in World War II, I found out his unit’s fight call was “Strike Hard”. I saw in the shows I attended and photos from the various global fashion weeks this season that many designers choose words, colors, and design to show their stance or emotions.

One of the only fashion courses I took at UNM was Fashion and Film. Offered in the Fine Arts College, it was not only about the costuming and legendary costumers, like Edith Head, but also the psychology and communicative ways through fashion. We watched Zoot Suit. I always think of that movie and how one chooses to identify with something. In the 1920’s, it was the pachucos in Los Angeles, but I relate it to today’s Armani suit wearers, the image, class, and economic status one is trying to portray or connect to. The way that clothing fits also shows how the wearer is feeling. Do they want the material touching their skin? Showing their silhouette? Or are they hiding behind it? Another movie that was part of the course work was Angels and Insects. This movie really had an impact beyond the taboo subject matter, but it really spoke how we can hide under layers of clothing. Maybe I over think things, but have you ever thought about it? Really, I know you have at one point in time in your life, either thinking, “will I make the right impression” or maybe you put thought into not bringing attention to yourself. There should be some thought in what you invest in and put on your body.

The show is just a few days away and I am completely grateful to Hotel Andaluz who is sharing their beautiful space to highlight fashion. I once again get to share the beautiful talents of those in the beauty industry and that this industry can be for EVERYONE. I’m excited by the wonderful talents and surprises in store for the day. The looks are a patchwork landscape of life. Everything that makes us who we are comes from our experiences, our values, what we learn and who we connect with. Throughout the design process I think about the Hopeless + Cause Atelier customer and how they will impact the scene—uniquely beautiful and confident in who they are.  The models in this show are once again reflective of that. The details are reflective of that.

The mixture of new and old and stark colors with bright primary colors will be showcased. I am working again with a local jewelry designer this time from my own family. The delicate beadwork will be found within the garment make up as well as in the accessories. I hope you will enjoy what I’ve been working on this season. You can obtain your tickets from the events page through Friday, February 24th or at the door (on Sunday, February 26th).

With light and love,

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