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May 26, 2016 Uncategorized

PPPS_ today is the day that you start living your dream. You've pursued it wonderfully and today, my frie

Hello from the Atelier!

Now that I have your attention… I really didn’t create this on my own but borrowed it from an email sent to me when I was contemplating fashion design a year and a half ago. I pulled it out last weekend when I needed to remind myself where I’ve come in the past year. The Atelier will be celebrating its first birthday in a couple of months. I wrote my first business plan in September and new goals in January. Preparing my most recent Fashion Week application, I brought them out for review 1) Apply for Project Runway – check, 2) Apply for two other Fashion Weeks – check, 3) Attend classes/workshops to grow my knowledge in fashion and business – check, 4) Complete a commissioned piece each month – check, and 5) Visit NYC two times in 2016 – check. I don’t know about you but sometimes when things aren’t happening how I’d expect, I start to doubt myself, focusing too much on the road ahead instead of the mountains I’ve already climbed to get to this point.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Phoenix Fashion Week. But as I shared with that team, “As the perpetual optimist, I’m holding out! However, I also know this might not be my year. I have been really designing for others for only one year and I’ve already exceeded the expectations I put for myself. While I know I’d love the opportunity to show what I can do this year–just know I would BRING IT BIG TIME–it’s not going to prevent me from getting involved and learning more.” I already made the decision that I MUST create and even if it is one custom look a month or even for me, I have found what brings me joy and I’m riding this rollercoaster to my own personal happiness.

…AND THEN, I got an email from FWLA (Fashion Week Los Angeles). Hopeless + Cause Atelier has been invited to participate as an emerging designer for SS17 Fashion Week. AND THEN, I got an email from the marketing director at Mark Pardo. Hopeless + Cause Atelier will be escorting the one-and-only Mark Gonzales down the runway for the annual Do Hair. Do Good. hair and fashion show on June 11th. AND THEN, I submitted my first blog to Trusted Clothes, “Sustainability on the Red Carpet and Beyond” (updated 5/31/2016 with link to live post, just click on the link) with an incredible response and request for a series on the subject. Now, I’m not sharing this to be a braggart or to blow my own horn. I want to share this with you as a lesson learned. I learned that once I changed my mindset and stopped doubting ME, I opened up to the world of possibilities. Yes, I am a world-class fashion designer. Thank you to those who have bought stock into that belief before I did!


  1. Smitha says:

    I love it!!! You are a World Class Fashion Designer! I’m so proud to know you! Love you!

  2. Forest and the Trees says:

    What an exceptionally exciting and momentous shift, congratulations on all of your time, effort, and heart spent on re-configuring your next steps. It’s simply inspirational to watch you grow and experience greater moments of opportunity. Very happy for you, and thank you for reminding us of how dreams can unfold. XO

  3. Charlotte says:


    You HAVE come a LONG way since launching your business. It’s amazing how many contacts you’ve made in such a short time. Congratulations

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